For the first time, the distinctive floral and fruity aromas of Moschato Samos blend with wood notes.

In 2017 NOPERA pioneered the vinification of Moschato Samos in a barrel for the preparation of dry wine. Our certified organic vineyards at an altitude of 800 metres, in conjunction with the minimum amount of interventions during the wine-making process exploit the full potential of this grape variety and the terroir of Samos. Fermentation was carried out in 500-litre French oak barrels in which the wine was stored for six months, in the presence of wine lees, a practice which gives the wine volume and balance. The result is concealed in 2,500 numbered bottles.

The nose is complex with a medium intensity. Initial mild wood notes are discernable, embedded with aromatic plants, reminiscent of extracts of Mediterranean herbs.

The palate confirms the nose and is fruity with an emphasis on fresh pear, fresh mandarin and fresh apricot. Acidity is very well aligned overall. The wood notes seems very well integrated. The body is characterized as moderate to full and with volume. The aftertaste is fruity, with the wood notes gently lingering before fading.